I enjoy driving my jeep around the neighborhood and in occasional
parades. Here I'm sporting a WWII officers uniform which was worn by
Alton McCully, the father of my good friend, George.
1944 WWII Jeep
S.N. 204333
The Laney family jeep was built by Ford and delivered to the Army on May 29,
1944.  It may have been used on an Army post or National Guard unit
somewhere on the west coast, perhaps Fort Lewis. My dad purchased the jeep
on March 12, 1967 for $500 from Billy Swaim of Portland. For the next four
years I drove it during my student days at the University of Oregon.
College days at the U. of O. with my jeep. I drove it to
ROTC classes. Later we added the white vinyl top.
All my brothers would eventually drive the jeep.
From left to right: Stewart, Robert, Otis and Carl.
After my brothers grew up and left home, my dad gave me the jeep. In
1997, thirty years after Dad bought the jeep, I started the restoration.
I completed the project on July 23, 2002, five years after
I started the project.
You meet some interesting people military vehicle events. This
pretty young lady was helping at summer car show honoring
veterans. My buddies in my military vehicles club kidded me about
taking her picture. Arn't you glad I did?