I spent three weeks in Israel early this
summer teaching Western and Denver
Seminary students about the Land of the

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The D. H. Laney  
Baltimore Album Quilt
Uncle Arnon was a name that was frequently on
the lips of my grandfather, John Carl Laney.
Arnon was a recognized and much loved leader of
the family. I have recently discovered and
transcribed some letters written to Arnon from his
brother John W. Laney during the years of 1886
to 1888. Arnon was in Miles City, Montana
beginning a sheep ranching business and John
was in Rosendale, Missouri farming with his
father, David H. Laney and trying to figure out
what to do next. I think you will enjoy these letters
written by my great grandfather to his much loved
brother, Arnon. Click on the link below.
Letters to Arnon Laney from His Brother John
David H. Laney was given this in
1853 quilt by the ladies of the
Methodist Church in Baltimore
when he set out on his mission as
a circuit riding preacher. You can
learn more about this unusual
quilt by clicking on the link.
More Arnon letters! Here is a link to letters were written to Arnon Laney from his
brother-in-law, Ben Myers, who had married Arnon’s sister Clara. Ben and Clara
spring of 1883 and address the issue of Arnon’s possible move to Montana to
begin sheep ranching.
Letters to Arnon from his brother-in-law Ben Myers
These letters were written to Arnon from his sister Clara who was living with her
husband Ben Myers on a cattle ranch on the Shields River near Livingston,
Montana. The letters date from 1883 to 1887 and provide insights into life in the
late 1800's and the Laney family relations.
Letters to Arnon From His
Sister Clara Myers
Restoring my 1942
WWII Navy Jeep
I published a video of Oregon on YouTube presenting the scenic
beauty of our great state. If you would like to see the video, click on
the picture above (Mount Hood with Lupine in the foreground.  
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David Laney's Running Blog
David Laney has recovered from his Western
States 100 Mile Endurance Race and placed 3rd
in the Flagline 50K  at Mount Bachelor. You can
read about the race in his blog.
                   The Nike Trail Elite Team
Ryan Ghelfi, David Laney, David Roche and Pat Werhane