During May I enjoyed three weeks in Israel
teaching 42 seminary students about the
Land of the Bible. It is my favorite teaching
opportunity of the year!

Click here to link with a video of one of my
Israel Study Programs.
David H. Laney was given this in
1853 quilt by the ladies of the
Methodist Church in Baltimore
when he set out on his mission as
a circuit riding preacher. You can
learn more about this unusual
quilt by clicking on the link.
I published a video of Oregon on YouTube presenting the scenic
beauty of our great state. If you would like to see the video, click on
the picture above (Three Finger Jack from Marion Lake)
Something new! See my blog!
David Laney ultra runner finishing the Western
States 100 Mile Endurance Race at the Placer High
School track in Auburn, CA. It was a hard day as he
struggled with nausea. But he persisted through the
pain and finished the race.
It was a great day of fishing with my friend, Mike
Jaskilka, at our favorite fishing place on Marion
Introducing my newest grand
daughter, Abigail Rose.

Doesn't she look angelic?
Jed, Ilan, Elisabeth, Elah and Arnon rode
with me in my 1944 Army jeep in the July 4th
Happy Valley parade.
Finishing the 2016 Shamrock 15k in the

Why do we do this?